About Me

I Started playing games in the cd era. Back then you had cds with lots of games on them. They had titles of the like "101+ games" and then they would have 102 games of which only 90 or so actually worked and only about 20 were remotely fun. Obviously I was hooked right then. Several years later and I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people on some very interesting concepts which have occasionally resulted in cool games and I hope to be able to make many more in the future!

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University of Utrecht

Master Game- and Media-Technology May 2016

I am currently enrolled in a 2 year masters programme at the University of Utrecht. Courses I plan to follow are: Advanced Graphics, Game Production, Optimization and Vectorization, Computer Animation, ComputerVision, Geometric Algorithms, Game Physics, Sound and Music. I am scheduled to start on my thesis research somewhere late 2016.

University of Utrecht

Bachelor of Computer Science May 2015

The University of Utrecht is where I will graduate soon for my bachelors degree. I followed a track with a specialisation for game technology. Courses I followed include: GameProgramming, Computer architecture & Networking, Logic, Game Design, Databases, Graphics, Datastructures, Concurrency, Functional Programming, Artificial Intelligence, System development, Algorithms, Web technology, 3D modelling, Image processing, Interaction Technology, Intelligent Systems, Research methods and designing interactie systems. As part of my graduation project I have spent 6 months as project manager for a team of 8 fellow students and 2 art students from the Koning Willem I College.

Olympus College

NT-Profile June 2011

I spent my high school period at the Olympus College in Arnhem. I followed mostly beta classes teaching math, physics and chemistry. My favorite subject was easily computer science. At Olympus I learned basic programming skills and basic web development.


University Utrecht

Student Assistant September 2014 - May 2015

During my studies I have been assistant to teachers for courses that I had completed previously. I was responsible for assisting students during practical assignments, checking assignments and administrative work.


Game Developer Juli 2013 - August 2013

I have spent two summer months at NRG developing a educational game about a nuclear reactor. Since this was a solo project I was responsible for the game design, graphical design, implementation, testing and documentation.



External Relations, Chairman September 2014 - Present

Indievelopment is a big indie game developers conference held anually in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I have helped organise the 2015 edition as External Relations. This meant I was handling a lot of the contact with speakers, guiding them from the initial invitation through travel planning untill they arrived safely back home.

Starting in october 2015, I became the chairman of the indievelopment organization committee. As the chairman my focus is to enable the other committee members to achieve their maximum potential. Using my previous years experience.


Competition Admin June 2011 - Present

Duh-events is one of the biggest game event organisers of the Netherlands, they organise the biggest LAN-party of the Netherlands and the biggest outdoor gaming event in the world. As a volunteer Competition Admin for duh-events I organise and run gaming competitions at both The-Party and Campzone.


Below you can find a quick glance at what I consider my skillset and how I would rate them. If the bar is filled this means I am a world expert on the topic half filled means that I am comfortable with the skill and below that means I think I can quickly learn what is needed to achieve a competent level.

  • C++
  • C#
  • Unity3D
  • Computer Graphics (OpenGL, Direct3D, etc.)
  • Java
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS3, php, etc.)


Over here you can see my activity! For every day of the past year the diagram on the right shows you whether I have made a commit to one of the repositories on my BitBucket. I try to work on my projects everyday so in about a year time this should be mostly green! The idea behind this is that if you commit to working on your projects everyday, no matter how little the contribution, you end up with a higher productivity!


This activity diagram was inspired by the activity diagram on the github profile pages. Github has applied gamification to the process of developing in your free time. I thought this was an excellent idea but I found the feature to be missing from BitBucket. Which meant it was time to build my own!

The activity diagram is split up in two parts: a cronjob running a python script to query the bitbucket API and cache the result and a php script that retrieves the cached data and displays it on the webpage. It makes use of the Py-bitbucket library available here.

Benefits of the cached structure are an added layer of privacy and less strain on the bitbucket API. The downside is that deployment requires setting up the cronjob instead of being a plug and play solution.

My longest streak was:

43 Days

It started:

23 August 2016